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Justin moved to Kalispell Montana in early 2014 from Montrose, Colorado. Justin's experience and background includes: Service in the U.S. Navy from 2000 - 2005 as a helicopter rescue swimmer. Service in the Army National Guard from 2005 to 2018 as an Infantry squad leader. Justin is a recipient of multiple awards, to include the Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal.

While part-time in the Army National Guard, he has worked as a trucking terminal manager, store manager, marketing executive, Deputy Sheriff, and recruiter. Justin brings passionate leadership, an entrepreneurial spirit, mentorship and many years of highly successful business experience to the ASM foundation. Justin is the co-founder of two successful start-ups, Berube Physical Therapy Inc. and One Care in Columbia Falls, MT. Both of which he successfully expanded and sold. He is currently the Owner & CEO of Elite Commercial Cleaners, a company with 60 employees, in Bozeman, MT



Pete spent over a decade working as a Sheriff's Deputy, SWAT Operator and Search & Rescue Coordinator in the State of Colorado. Pete was forced to resign in January of 2020 after receiving a PTSD diagnosis. Pete immediately began a quest to understand the complexities of the PTSD injury and how to heal it. Pete utilized Dr. Mark Gordon's protocol for healing. In 2022 Dr. Gordon announced he would be closing his practice. This opened the door for Pete to explore his own line of nutraceuticals focused on lowering neuroinflammation and NP-1 was born.

A message from Co-Founder & President Pete DePrez:

The VA, shrinks and doctors of all types have been trying to figure out what they've most recently called "PTSD" since the Epoch of Gilgamesh was written. The medical definition of PTSD is: someone who is traumatized after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. But that wasn't me. And most of the guys and gals I've spoken with said the same thing. We all felt more comfortable doing our job, than we did at home. Our brains just stopped working. So, after the doctor read off the checklist in front of him and diagnosed me with PTSD, he prescribed me some pills and suggested I seek a therapist to speak with; but I knew that wasn't what I needed. I knew pills and talk therapy weren't going to fix whatever mechanical error was taking place inside my brain. That's what I wanted to understand. I wanted to understand why I wanted to drink so badly. I wanted to understand why I couldn't remember anything. I wanted to know why I couldn't sleep, and I wanted to know why I was so fucking depressed. All those symptoms seemed secondary. They seemed to be the result of some malfunction taking place inside my head.

After months of digging and talking to everyone I could, someone eventually explained neuroinflammation to me- swelling of the brain. I hit my head a lot, growing up. We didn't know about micro-concussions back in the 1900's- we just got our bells rung. We didn't wear helmets for anything back then. So, once I started playing football and hockey, I assumed a helmet was all I needed to protect my brain. Surely wearing a ballistic helmet that can stop shrapnel and rounds flying at me could protect me! But that's not the case. Blast waves from large and small explosives can penetrate our skulls- but are absorbed by our brains. And all those blasts create micro-concussions that lead to inflammation. That inflammation results in all the symptoms I was suffering from. Once I understood this and found methods for lowering the inflammation, the symptoms began to relent. I started to get my life back. It didn't happen overnight and there was still a lot of work to do. But it happened, and that made me want to bring the same healing to others. That's essentially how NP-1 came to be.