The Knuckledragger’s Guide
To Stress Tolerance

Hot/Cold Exposure
Diet/Supplementation/Gut Microbiome
Gratitude Practice

These are the practices encouraged by Dr. Andrew Huberman of The Huberman Lab Podcast, Dr. Kate Pate, Dr. Mike Miletic and those focused on eliminating suicide and mental illness amongst the military and first responder communities.

Graphic - 3-Day Retreat

3-Day Immersive Retreat

The 3-Day Immersive Retreat offers an extended wellness experience for multiple agencies at a remote location in Colorado or Idaho. Outside communication will be highly limited offering time to truly absorb the benefits of the practices. Specialists will be featured guests to coach deeper levels of understanding for the physiological and neurological impacts of operating in a stressful environment for extended periods of time — and of the subsequent necessity of these practices.

Education is how the cultural shift towards personal responsibility for individual health will be achieved. Students will be coached on how to change the narrative within their agency to ensure these practices become a part of the cultural norm.

Graphic - 2-Day Immersive

2-Day Agency Training

ASM’s 2-Day Agency Training offers students an immersive opportunity to learn the practices first hand. ASM will provide access to saunas and cold plunges to allow participants to get intimately aware of both the difficulties and benefits of hot/cold exposure. In-depth breath work practices, such as box, waterfall and somatic techniques will be trained with a focus on practical application for the first responder community (example: practicing with body armor or bunker gear).

Students will spend an abundance of time discussing how to address the cultural shift necessary to implement tools such as exercise, diet/supplementation/gut microbiome, and journaling into the first responder community. How do we spread awareness that these practices will only make this difficult career more comfortable and enjoyable? ASM believes that these practices will become commonplace when our heroes realize they are already doing most of them, we are just refocusing the approach.

Graphic - Presentation


Our 3-Hour presentation offers agencies a one-day course for personnel to be introduced to the problems they face working in a stress-based career and what practices they may utilize to mitigate the physiological repercussions of operating in this environment.

Agency Incentives

Graphic - WHOOP Biofeedback

Biofeedback from WHOOP allows agencies to track efficacy on participating personnel.

Graphic - Personnel Retention

Personnel retention through evidence based practices to ensure optimal operational level performance for mental and physical health.

Graphic - Limiting Liability

Limiting liability through actionable practices with science-based tools.