Meet The Instructors

Pete DePrez

“Training your breath is more important than training with your weapon. You will not perform well in a real life scenario if you are not prepared to breathe.”

Pete began his career in Search and Rescue for San Miguel County in 2009. He joined San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office in Corrections and Communications/Dispatch in 2013, then Patrol in 2014. He transferred to Garfield County Sheriff’s Office in 2016 where he worked in Patrol, SWAT, Field Training Officer and Firearms Instructor. Pete left law enforcement in 2020, after receiving a PTSD diagnosis. Pete utilized the methods he teaches now to heal his own injuries.

Pearce Cucchissi

Pearce spent his military career with the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment where he led Rangers and foreign special operations forces during multiple combat deployments to the middle east. After separating from the military in 2020, Pearce deeply explored the worlds of neuroscience, psychology, and physiology in order to help himself heal, and now teaches these tactics as a necessary process of transition from service.

Cristen Malia

Certified Yoga Educator

Cristen earned a master’s degree from Naropa University in Transpersonal Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in mindfulness. She offers mindfulness based psychotherapy, yoga and somatic tools, EMDR, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, support in healing from trauma, and works with individuals and groups in a therapeutic or coaching capacity. Cristen also teaches yoga classes and yoga trainings and is the founder and lead teacher of the Steamboat Springs School of Yoga.